Thank you to the many Donors who gave hard-earned dollars to WRECK CITY’s Crowd-Funding Campaign!

In the beginning, WRECK CITY was 100% self-initiated, self-directed, and self-funded (with the exception of a $1,000 grant received from The Awesome Foundation). Our goal was to raise $11,000 through a Crowd-Funding Campaign on In 30-days, we pummeled our goal, raising over $20,000! A big Thank You to Calgary Arts Development for matching all donations up to $2,500! Another resounding thanks to our Venue Sponsor, Bucci Developments Ltd, who not only paid our utilities, but donated $2,500!

After WRECK CITY ended, we received an additional grant (applied for during our pre-production process) from Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


Amber A-e, Angela Inglis, Anne Green, Betty Schultz, Brenda Lieberman, Brent Pickerl, Bucci Developments Ltd, Charlene Vescarelli, Cheri Macaulay, Cheryl Fenemore, Crystal and Peter Maronik, Danny Vescarelli, Darlene Lee, David Simms, Doug Haslam, Edward Johnson, Elaine Macpherson, Flora Gillespie, Garfield Ambrose, Gord Ferguson, Heather Aitken, Jordan Kidney, Karen Ball, Kari Brawn, Karilynn Thompson, Kathleen Davies, Kevin Allen, Kris Ellestad, Lisa Brawn, Lowell Smith, MacKenzie Brown, Marina Skulsky, Mark Bourree, Masaki Hayashi, Melanie Wilmink, Michal Lavi, Mike Corbiell, Mike Peterson, Mireille Perron, Miriam Clark, Naji Sk, Nathan Mutch, Oksana Ostapanko, Quyen Hoang, Rachael Brown, Ranger Stranger, Sarah Banting, Sheron Watkins, Stephen Cheung, Su Strang, Tamara Lee, Theo Shordee, Viviane and Jay Mehr

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