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Alex Achtem, Alia Shahab, Andrew Frosst, Brandon A. Dalmer, Brian Schirk, Buddies in Bad Times, Chad Peters, Dan Zimmerman and Jason Dyck, Daniel J. Kirk, Danna Buzzee, WRECK CITY REC CENTRE (Dana Schloss, Kristi Woo and Laura Lief), Desiree Nault, Eric Heitmann, Erika Andriashek, The Favela Project, Hannah Doerksen, Hye-Seung Jung, Ivan Ostapenko, J.D Mersault, Jaye Benoit, Karly Mortimer, Katarzyna Koralewska, Kiarra Albina, Lane Shordee, Lauren Simms, Lea Bucknell, Lindsay Sorell and Tammy Primeau, Morris Fox, Rebecca Noone, Renato Vitic, Sarah Adams, Sarah van Sloten, Sarah Storteboom, Sasha Foster, The Satisfactory, Stacey Watson, Steven Cottingham, Studio North, Suki Sawatzky, Suzen Green, Svea Ferguson, Tiffany Wollman, Yvonne Kustec, Yvonne Mullock, Wayne Garrett and Caitlind Brown, Wednesday Lupypciw

in the house of Matt Bourree

Janet Mader & Cimmeron Meyer

Cimmeron Meyer, the current General Manager for The Old Trout Puppet workshop, is a professional theatre artist and administrator.  She has managed an award winning international touring theatre company for the past 4 years.  No stranger to the film industry, Cimmeron has worked on two independent Calgary feature films as production manager and line producer, 2 short films and 5 music video’s as production manager.  She also has commercial experience as a gaffer, grip and set electrician.  Cimmeron has 12 years of experience as a production manager and technical director for theatre,  with a broad range of experience including productions from small 60 seat theatres to the Calgary Stampede Grandstand show.  She is an award-winning designer, having designed lighting and scenery for several established theatre companies across Canada.


Janet Mader is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in theatre and performance design and creation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and trained in Set and Costume Design at the National Theatre School of Canada. As of early 2013, she has worked on over 30 professional productions. She is actively involved in Calgary’s Maker and Hackerspace community, and the online synesthete support and discussion network. Her portfolio and resume are online at


Jeremy Pavka, Born twenty-four hours after the passing of Andy Warhol and growing to a boastful 6’4” Jeremy Pavka creates laborious renditions of his own critiques of the everyday across multiple disciplines. Currently practicing in Calgary Alberta Jeremy can usually be found at the Bakery Studio Collective (which he co-runs) or yelling socialist propaganda at schoolchildren. His fondest memory was his mother’s teary eyes as she looked at his grad piece from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Unfortunately he later discovered the tears were not caused by the work itself, but the cost of his undergraduate studies.


Kelsey Fraser  is a visual artist who enjoys a wandering and wondering approach to art making.  Play, awkward moments, and elements of communication mingle together to form her practice.  Through imaginative interpretations and humorous questioning she attempts to create twists and turns of anticipation and discovery for the lookers.


Mackenzie Boyle is a visual artist who (supposedly) resides in Calgary, Alberta. After graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design, Mackenzie presented hit performances at both Truck Gallery and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery under the moniker Bobby Vindelay. Since then he has been on permanent hiatus. Many believe he’s planning on making a comeback as the cities youngest, hottest, degenerate art superstar.


Nate McLeod is a Calgary based artist and co-founder of AVALANCHE! Institute of Contemporary Art. His practice explores the interconnected relationships found between exhibition space, artwork, and viewer, manifesting these ideas through a variety of mediums and processes. McLeod recently completed a residency and solo exhibition at 809 Gallery, and will be a part of Garage Montage, an upcoming exhibition focusing on alternative arts spaces and collectives at the Art Gallery of Calgary.


Randy Niessen is an interdisciplinary artist based in Calgary, AB who earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art & Design. His current studio practice explores a hybrid of media in site-specific installations. Niessen considers these installations to exist somewhere between the realm of architectural interventions and three-dimensional drawings; using materials in response to a space and examining how this relationship affects the viewer’s experience of their surroundings. He has taken active roles in Calgary’s artist-run community serving as the Programming Coordinator for TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary and previously as a member of the board of directors for M:ST Mountain Standard Time Performative Arts Festival. Currently Randy is also involved in launching the pilot of WATERSHED+, an innovative public art project hosted by The City of Calgary’s Public Art Program and Utilities and Environment Protection department.

His work has been exhibited at UAS Satellite Gallery, TRUCK +15 Window Space, MOCA Calgary, Art Souterrain and Nuit Blanche Montreal. His recent solo exhibition “High Siren” is currently being presented at The Ledge Gallery located in the EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts in Calgary until May 26, 2013.



Matthew Mark is a painter, sculptor who works in collaborative projects with many other artists.  Using a wide range of media, Matthew has shaped his practice into an ever changing and growing exploration into mark making through construction, destruction, fire, light and color.

(Matthew Mark & Sarah Smailk)



in the house of Caitlind Brown


Alia Shahab

An explorer curiously wandering the imaginations labyrinth, following intriguing paths to adventure, play, and growth. A community minded Artist who loves to create interactive

physical spaces that promote play and exploration of the self. A Community Arts Facilitator for Antyx Community Arts and an ACAD Grad of 2012.


Daniel J. Kirk

daniel j kirk studies visual communication and makes work that focuses on the byproducts of urbanization. He creates, asks questions and travels the world, attempting to discover true connection to himself and others. daniel is a native Calgarian and graduated from the University of Calgary in 2007 with Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Eric Heitmann

Eric Heitmann is an emerging artist and musician currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. Though Canadian by birth, he was raised among family in Santiago, Chile. Completing his BFA from the Alberta College of Arts + Design, the artist draws from both his South American experiences – which include studies in architecture and South American art – and current Canadian life to create his work. Through his mixed-media and DIY-looking sculptural work, he focuses on the role social and cultural conventions have in an individual’s perception – mainly identity politics, literature, geopolitics, and the conventions behind architecture and landscape. Heitmann claims to look good in green.


Ivan Ostapenko

ivan OSTAPENKO is an emerging design professional in the city of Calgary. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Studies in 2008, where he completed the first year of the architecture curriculum at the faculty of Environmental Design as a Minor. Determined to learn first-hand from the world’s leading examples in urbanism and architecture, Ivan moved to Chicago for graduate studies and has also spent a semester studying in Barçelona. He received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011. While there, he was also on the editorial board of the award-winning student publication, Fresh Meat, which toured the world in 2012 as part of the Archizines exhibit. His graduating project – a master plan for a cultural center campus in Kaohsiung, Taiwan – was nominated for two city-wide student design awards in Chicago, and has been featured as a Jury Selection in the 2012 Land of Tomorrow exhibition in Lexington, KY, which showcased the best graduate work from major American universities.

Ivan’s interest in WRECK CITY falls somewhere between addressing the specificity of the site, curating novel experiences for the audience, and finding alternatives to both digital form making and populist sustainability (two of the most dominant strands of thought in the discipline of architecture).

image description

Jaye Benoit

Jaye Benoit recently received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Drawing and Intermedia at the University of Alberta and currently maintains a studio practice which includes drawing, collage, and installation. Her current work derives from observations of the natural world as it relates to human vulnerability, bodily sensations, and intimacies. By exploring dichotomies of inside/outside, creation/destruction, and physical/spiritual, she endeavors to create a surreal environment that encompasses the viewer in a loss of time and spatial relationships.


Lane Shordee

Lane is a scavenger artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing from construction waste and items Lane is a scavenger artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing from construction waste and items found by happenstance, he builds elegant sculptures and installations that both challenge and indulge our relationships with the things we throw away. Lane mines the immediate surplus of materials available, and, informed by his environment, reframes it into cohesive structures, allowing its presumed worth to be re-evaluated. Embracing shift and impermanence, Lane abides by the notion that we live in a cultural mash-up of ideas rooted to all parts of history – as with memory, each idea becomes new with every attempt to access and re-create it.


Lauren Simms

Lauren Simms is a Calgary-based visual artist and filmmaker. Her artwork explores theories of perspective and other visual illusions by manipulating two-dimensional linear interpretations of volume into three-dimensional spaces. Lauren has shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions and screenings locally, nationally and internationally. She has attended an artist in residence program at The Banff Centre and participated in the House Demolition Project in the summer of 2011. Lauren has volunteered on a number of boards and committees including the Alberta Printmakers’ Society and The Calgary Allied Arts Foundation. Lauren’s most recent role was Program Manager for Calgary 2012, an organization charged with overseeing Calgary’s year as Cultural Capital of Canada. In this role she was responsible for the creation and implementation of the organization’s grant programs and a major portion of the direct programming. 


Studio North (Mark Erickson & Matthew Kennedy)

Studio North is a small design build practice based in Calgary, established by Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson. Mark and Matthew have been collaborating on projects for the past five years and have experience in designing and building projects at a variety of scales, from furniture and architectural installations, to a childrens camp and an outdoor dining hall. Studio North’s process involves exploring architectural ideas through small scale interventions and installations that focus on the expression of spatial concepts through the use of light, shadow, and human perception. They view architecture as a means of place-making whereby the regional characteristics of culture, landscape, and ecology are enhanced and supported through the creation of inhabitable environments. Their strength as designers is founded upon a shared optimism for architectures ability to create better living environments that support local communities and emphasize the beauty of the landscape that defines place. They believe that small scale, well crafted built interventions can stimulate big changes in thought and ways of being.


The Satisfactory (Mynthia McDaniel & Jane Durham)

The Satisfactory is the collaborative effort of two ceramic artists searching for an artistic outlet that engages and promotes interaction between the public and their work. Both Mynthia McDaniel and Jane Durham grew up in Alberta and received their Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees from the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary.

In an effort to challenge themselves and each other, Jane and Mynthia began collaborating in 2011 and have successfully undertaken many projects involving various mediums including sculpture, painting, drawing, and ceramics. Their most recent collaborations is a community supported project called “A Cup for You”. This project was campaigned online through


Renato Vitic

Renato Vitic is a Calgary based artist, writer and arts administrator. Renato has also toiled in the arts community in Calgary in various roles such as the Festival Coordinator for the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival (M:ST), the Manager of Resource Development for the Art Gallery of Calgary, a member of the Board of directors of the Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival Society (M:ST), and currently as the Director of TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary. Renato has exhibited his installation, and painted works both in Calgary, Edmonton, and Halifax. As a member of the walking collective, “The Ministry of Walking,” Renato has presented interactive walking performances, in Calgary as part of the Performance Creation Canada Conference; the “Walking and Art” thematic residency residency at the Banff Centre; and “The New Flannuers: Contemporary Urban Practice and the Picturesque,” where

he presented the performance “Walking on Water,” in conjunction with the Alberta Art Gallery, and the Visualeyez Performance Art Festival, in Edmonton. Currently works include the interactive performance installation “Interchange: The Deconstructionist Market,” presented at the EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, Ledge Gallery, in Calgary.

Steven Cottingham still believes in art and love. All of his secrets are on the internet somewhere.


Svea Ferguson

Svea Ferguson is a Calgary based artist who is currently enrolled in her third year at the Alberta College of Art + Design. As a drawing major working in three dimensions, Svea has a broad and inclusive view of what drawing can be. Her current work deals with aesthetics and functionality of found objects, and their potential to reveal something within our subconscious.


Photo credit: Doug Wong

Wayne Garrett & Caitlind r.c. Brown

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett are artists and collaborators based in Calgary, Alberta. Caitlind is a graduate from Alberta College of Art + Design (2010), hosts a weekly Arts & Culture radio program on CJSW 90.9 fm, and collaborates with many artists, although her favourite by far is Wayne Garrett. Wayne Garrett is an artist and musician living in Calgary. A graduate from the Jazz Performance program at Mount Royal University (2012), he has a background in machining (Red Seal 2009) and brings mechanical and musical expertise to his work and collaboration. Wayne also plays lead guitar for old-time country band, The Bitterweed Draw.

The duo works with diverse mediums and materials, ranging from 16mm celluloid to re-appropriated architectural waste, exploring themes of public interaction, art in unexpected spaces, community collaboration, and play. Caitlind & Wayne sometimes collaborate with the “Arbour Lake Sghool” collective (a group of artists subverting the suburbs of Calgary and beyond), and actively contribute to Calgary’s film, art, and music communities. They recently returned from their first foray into the wild world of international art showing when their Calgary-instigated piece, CLOUD, was invited to Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, Russia (January 2013).

in the house of Jennifer Crighton

Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams is a comedian, visual artist, and pastry chef. Her work melds these disciplines to varying degrees though drawing, installation, and performance, and plays on themes of childhood nostalgia, humour, and collective memory.

Kiarra Albina

Calgary-born artist, Kiarra Albina, works within and between the disciplines of drawing, traditional animation, bookmaking, installation, and sound. As both a solitary and collaborating culture worker, she reintroduces nature, magic, and notions of wildness, unbridled play and true-heartedness to her community. Her work has been exhibited and her films screened in artist-run centres, theatres, and unordinary spaces throughout Western Canada, London, Ontario; Montréal and Vienna.

Suzen Green

Suzen Green is Newfoundland-born visual artist and knitter based in Calgary, AB. Rooted in traditional craft practices of Newfoundland & Labrador, her work includes sculpture, installation, wearable and performance and explores how craft heritage informs a sense of place and identity. Green received a BFA in Fibre from Alberta College of Art + Design, as well as an MFA in Fibres from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. She currently leads workshops in knitting and other fibre-y pursuits for adults and children throughout Southern Alberta.

Yvonne Kustec

YVONNE KUSTEC is a Calgary based artist whose work explores theories around image, identity, and femininity while simultaneously trying to subvert conventional associations and experimenting with unusual uses of traditional and non-traditional materials.


Wednesday Lupypciw

Wednesday Lupypciw cleans houses and makes art in Calgary, Alberta.

Karly Mortimer

Karly Mortimer has BA (Psychology) and BFA (Drawing), studying at the Alberta College of Art & Design, the University of Calgary, the New York Studio Residency Program, Duncan of Jordanstone in Scotland and currently works at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre. She spent most of her time growing up competing as an equestrian and thinking about Jurassic Park.

Yvonne Mullock

Graduating from the fine art department at Glasgow School of Art, my creative practice has developed into a research led, multi-disciplinary approach that spans interests in nature and craft; working in mediums such as drawing, sculpture, ceramics, video and textiles for both gallery and site specific installations.

Over the past ten years I have exhibited widely within Scotland, England and the U.S.A with solo and group shows. Recent exhibitions and projects include an on-going residency with Fogo Island Arts and Shorefast working in collaboration with a local community of quilters to furnish an Inn with furniture and textiles that have cultural resonance with the traditions and crafts of this region of Newfoundland; ‘Birding By Ear’ a short film commissioned by Bernheim Arboretum, Kentucky; ‘Rough Luxe’ a group exhibition during Glasgow’s International Festival and ‘Natural Order’ a group show of graduates from Glasgow School of Art.

Desiree Nault

Desiree Nault is currently pining for her BFA in sculpture from the Alberta College of Art + Design, and is midway through her third year. She has held art instructor positions for the City of Calgary and the In-definite Arts Society, as well as serving on the student legislative counsel and working as ACAD’s wood shop monitor. Throughout her term as the director of the student-run Stage Gallery, she has collaborated with the MADT department and the M:ST Performative Arts Festival to host exhibitions and artist talks. She is also a member of the Conceptual Art Club, a student group that also promotes talks, exhibitions, and ironic performances and happenings. This semester Desiree is also co-curating the Horse Show with Jake Klien-Waller; an annual exhibition showcasing video, performance, sound, and interactive installation art to take place in mid-April.

In addition to these enterprises, in the last year Desiree performed with Stage Fest, PAS Performance Art Studies, the Vertigo theatre, and MST 6 as well as having exhibited sculpture at the Roberto-Ostberg Gallery.

Suki Sawatzky

Suki is an artist/permaculturist/musician. She stokes her spark using gardening as revolution and graffiti, exploring the ethereal and spiritual realms of sound, and yarn bombing. She’s got big plans to start a permaculture camp for kids based on anthroposophy principles at some point during her life.

Stacey Watson

Stacey Watson is a Calgary-based artist who makes photographs with a Rolleiflex camera. Often there are fantastical props involved, made from cardboard or papier mache. At other times she makes sculptural installations and looks to collaborators to accompany her down the rabbit hole. Her work deals with how nature interacts with the human imagination and the play between miniature and gigantic. Stacey finished her MFA at the University of Calgary in 2004 and teaches at ACAD.

The Favela Project – Teela Jensen, Kataryna Gajewska & Catalina Pop

Teela Jensen has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Brazil which fueled her passion with the culture and language and further developed her intrigue with favelas. She studied International Relations and Spanish, and is currently working in Immigration.

Kataryna Gajewska also has a degree in International Relations from the University of Calgary and currently studies Civil Engineering at SAIT. She aspires to be an Architect or Interior Designer. Kat recently returned home from a trip to Brazil she took last Christmas with her family and is very familiar with the culture as well.

Catalina Pop a performing artist, was born and raised in the north western corner of Transylvania Satu Mare, Romania. She graduates at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca and then joins a theater company in Arad. Then the roads of her life took her to different places including Toronto, Italy and finally Calgary. Amongst her recent performances she impersonated characters or non- characters in plays by authors like Martin Crimp, Sarah Kane, Tom Stoppard, Boris Vian and the Canadian playwright Jane Cawthrone . She aspires to continue on her road by creating new opportunities and magical moments through her art, to bring people together with their desire for celebrating life. To take the road with other artists and to bring back with you the hope that life is good and beautiful; find your dreams and bring them to life.

in the house of Brandon Dalmer


Brian Schirk

Brian Schirk is a multi-media artist based in Guelph, Ontario. He has shown collaborative and solo work at events such as Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, and Ghost Hole. He currently hosts two radio shows at the University of Guelph and, along with a few others, runs the Guelph label, Cassettestival.


Katarzyna Koralewska

Katarzyna Koralewska was born in Poland and graduated with a Masters Degree in 2009. She majored in printing on textiles and video art at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. During a one-year student exchange program Katarzyna explored mixed media, drawing, installation and printing on textiles at Alberta College of Art and Design. She moved to Canada in 2009 where she now lives. She teaches textile design and drawing at ACAD. Her artistic practice involves creating large-scale textile pieces, drawings and video installations. Her art has been shown in galleries in Berlin – Germany, Warsaw and Lodz – Poland, Klatowy – Czech Republic and Calgary – Canada.


Lea Bucknell

Lea Bucknell is an interdisciplinary artist with an interest in DIY customizations and hand-built structures. Coming to art with a background in geography, people and their attachments to place serve as a primary interest in her practice. Lea has participated in multiple interactive residency projects such as the Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation and Homework with Broken City Lab; and Forest City Garden Project with the McIntosh Gallery. She has received fellowships to participate in residencies at the Banff Center and the Vermont Studio Center among others. Bucknell received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2011 with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

lindsay & tammy

Lindsay Sorell & Tammy Primeau

Tammy Primeau is a recent graduate from the Environmental Design Program at the University of Calgary where she received an MEDes in Industrial Design. She has also studied in Montreal, Pune India and Barcelona. She is a member of the three-person artist collective Two Demons and the Universe and is currently pursuing an independent design practice in Calgary, AB. She hates talking about herself, loves 2 bike.

Lindsay Sorell is listening to The Weeknd. It’s 12:52 am on March 21. She graduated in 2012 from the Alberta College of Art and Design’s Drawing program and is currently finishing up a residency with The New Gallery creating a 3D Animation for Calgary’s GIRAF Animation Festival. She is a member of the artist collective Two Demons and the Universe and is interested in the pursuit of projects she cares about even if no one else does.


Morris Fox

Morris Fox was educated at the School of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. His work deals with mankind’s tumultuous relationship with history, myth making, the alienation of teenage dreams, the quiet devastation of growing up, and the ratiocinative tension between mythic progress and the decayed decadence of society on the edge of ruin.

In his recent installation Psychomanteum for Ghost Hole IV (2012), he set up a spirit gazing room, a space for viewers to communicate with the spirit realm. Exploring optical illusions as well as the historical cases and psychological experiments conducted implementing sensory deprivation, the Psychomanteum created an intimate environment for observers to experience the psychosensory phenomenon of the “apparition booth”.

FarLee Mowat

FarLee Mowat is an interdisciplinary artist, arts facilitator and events coordinator who was born in Ottawa, Ontario. She completed her BFA at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, in 2008, graduating from the Sculpture Department. From 2009/10 FarLee was on the board of directors for the Untitled Art Society as their grants writer and from 2010 to 2013 functioned as the UAS’s fundraising & events coordinator. Her work investigates the problematics of identity, femininity, and the bodily through the re-contextualization of natural materials that would suggest the bodily and/or ritualistic processes or practices (that involve the body). Her work is currently on tour in Hi-Fibre Contet in Saskatchewan – a curated show by Zoe Schnieder. In the winter of 2012 she executed her first performative work collaboratively with a contemporary dancer, Audrey Horne, hosted at the UAS’s Satellite Gallery alongside their artwork. Last summer she completed a month-long residency at the 809 Gallery making work for her first solo exhibition, “Supernova.” FarLee’s work was featured in another curated show Bump/Shift by Sally Rabb in January of 2012. FarLee Mowat currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta.


Rebecca Noone

I make installations and objects that interrupt everyday experiences and tech-saturated landscapes with playful interpretations of the past and present. Part research and part art, my projects are a means to reflect on the nature of information, participation, preservation, and nostalgia.


Sarah van Sloten

Sarah van Sloten’s work is mostly installation-based, and involving acrylic or spray paint on multiple found surfaces. She has worked out of The Bakery studios, Avalanche!, and currently Pith studios. Van Sloten has been involved in group shows at TRUCK, The Straw Gallery, The Contemporary Art Museum, Haight Gallery, and most recently Avalanche! Art Institute.


Sasha Foster

Sasha Foster is an Alberta based fine artist, who completed her Bachelor of Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011. Foster expresses herself through a variety of creative outlets including illustration, craft, installation, photography, set & prop design. Thematically, she is inspired by nostalgia and the beauty of the found object as well as the supernatural, memories and the contemporary approach to traditional crafts. Whether it is creating large scale string installations in community parks and abandoned buildings or constructing devotional shrines from local garbage, her surroundings have been a powerful force in her artistic pursuits.


Tiffany Wollman

Tiffany Wollman is a Calgary based artist expanding the idea of what painting can be. In her art practice she explores the potential of paint and painting by exploiting paint’s material-like qualities and removing the traditional canvas. Paint objects result from experimenting with alternative supports and forms. She uses the layering of imperfections, ambiguities, symbols, dualities, color and play to approach environmental and social curiosities and concerns stemming from culture.


Brandon A. Dalmer

Brandon A. Dalmer was born in Edmonton, AB. Living there until attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary where he received a BFA in Painting. Brandon has exhibited in various spaces such as Xpace, Stride Gallery, Haight Gallery, Untitled Art Society and Latitude 53; he has also been involved in organizations such as the New Gallery, The Whitehouse, The Calgary Biennal and M:ST, as well as being of the founders of the 809 Gallery in Calgary.

Currently he resides in Toronto where he lives and works. He mainly spends his time playing video games and watching old cartoons.

in the house of Andrew Frosst

Alex Achtem

Alex Achtem

Alex Achtem is a Canadian artist currently living in Banff, Alberta. In 2011, she completed a BFA at Emily Carr University with a focus in sculpture and installation. Her current artistic practice involves the collection and deconstruction of subjective experiences, often documenting information from specific yet generalized landscapes. She has exhibited work in Canada and the Netherlands where she also attended Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Most recently, she attended a residency at the Banff Centre entitled Studio Time: Work of the Living Watch with lead faculty Geoffrey Farmer. She is also the co-director of Resolute Park, a wearable exhibition space that exists in the side pocket of a down parka.


Buddies in Bad Times (Bogdan Cheta, Latifa Pelletier, Alex Steinitz, Jill Armstrong)

Buddies in bad times - Photo

Bogdan Cheta

Bogdan is from Bucharest, but for now, continues to live in Calgary. To save money on rent he squatted in local abandoned houses, befriending underground characters, which became his teachers. The last house he occupied belonged to an actress. Her house had secret theatre stages built in the basement which he used as his studio. Days after his birthday, in December, while encountering another abandoned house, as a possible living site, Bogdan was arrested. After describing several Agnes Varda films to the officers (Agnes theorizes practices of gleaning), he was released without charges, on the promise that he seeks psychological help. To cope, Ron, a homeless psychiatrist he encountered in an abandoned house last year, continues to be his counsellor. He is also showing Bogdan ways on how to remain mobile while living out of a van. A different psychiatrist he met in an emergency room in Calgary, told him that he lacks the necessary coping skills to encounter daily life. The choice to persevere even when things seem impossible, is a universal human condition and in his practice, this space of perseverance is what gives him distance from the everyday, and an opportunity to reflect upon the certainties and uncertainties in the life of a person living in the name of art. The result is often a story about love, confusions, excitement, frailty, discoveries, new friends and new places.

Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed is an emerging multidisciplinary artist from Calgary, AB. She studied Botany at the University of Calgary, and spends her summers identifying plants in Southern Alberta. Being an avid traveller, she has recently returned from 5 months of travelling in South America. She is interested in using her knowledge of the natural world, and the intensity of her daily experience to build a practice that emphasizes a collectively sustainable world. Most notably she has shown her work through the Epcor Centre, Calgary, AB; the Fluid Festival, Calgary, AB; and Rayuelas del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has had residencies through the Trap/Door Artist Run Centre, Lethbridge, AB and Avatar, Quebec City, QC.

Alex Steinitz

alexander m steinitz really likes punk rock music. he was born in the summer of 1990 in calgary and has lived here his whole life. he makes prints and zines. on occasion he works with photography. he likes the spring. one of his favorite activities is walking alone in the rain.


Chad Peters, Dan Zimmerman, Jason Dyck

Chad Peters - PhotoDan Zimmerman - PhotoJason Dyck - Photo

Chad Peters

The mental, emotional, and physical well-being of those living in cities is what intrigues and motivates Chad, whether it was through his degree in Psychology or in his plan to take his Masters degree in Urban Design.  He is constantly studying the interaction and influence of the physical layout of a city, on both micro and macro levels, with how it can promote or hinder community formation, as well as on an individual basis.  His work primarily stems from within DIY culture and a strong focus on local and small communities and collaboration.

Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts With Distinction from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2012 and was the art director for B.C based film company NuuLife Cinema in 2011. He recently completed a project proposal for a landfill in New York that merged public art with clean energy production and was published internationally on two separate occasions for a paper that explored the art market during periods of economic deregulation. His practice is multidisciplinary and primarily concerned with art as social commentary.

Jason Dyck

Forever interested in material, motion and our interaction with space, Jason sought education in both mechanical engineering and fine art.  Physicality and environment are common themes throughout his work because of the primal yet profound way they can engage subject and viewer.  As a native Calgarian who has lived abroad, he is a fervent believer in the creative potential of this city.


WRECK CITY WRECK CENTRE (Dana Schloss, Kristi Woo and Laura Lief)


Between the three of us, we ride bikes, make stuff out of fabric, and make stuff out of recycled and reclaimed goods. We run two festivals, a clothing label, put on shows, and play in bands. We design exhibits and fix our bikes. We bake cakes, make tacos, and brew beer, and we share them with friends. We teach. We play cribbage. We draw and we write. We garden and we travel. Sometimes, we just sit in the grass and feel anxious, and other times we sit in the grass and think “This moment is the greatest. I live the greatest life”. We do our best to be good to this city, and we move all the time.

Danna Buzzee

Dana Buzzee - Photo

Dana Buzzee is a witch. She is also a Calgary based interdisciplinary artist and a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design’s Drawing department. During her third year at ACAD Buzzee participated in an exchange semester at both the New York Studio Residency Program in Brooklyn, NY and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, NS.  Raised in Canmore, AB, Buzzee constantly reflects and romanticizes the mountain magic of that place in her artistic practice.


Erika Andriashek

Erika Andriasheck - Photo

Erika is a multimedia installation artist who primarily deals with notions of dimensionality, nostalgia, and transience. She has participated as an artist in public installation projects in the past, and is enthusiastic about how inviting they can be to a viewer. Erika received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008, and continues to live and work in Calgary while tiptoeing around varying levels of messes.


Hannah Doerksen

Hannah Doerksen - Photo

Hannah Doerksen is a multi-disciplinary artist who hails from Calgary, Alberta and holds a BFA (with distinction) from the Alberta College of Art and Design.  Through exchange programs she studied at the New York Studio Residency Program in Brooklyn, NY and the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA.  Recently Hannah took part in a DIY residency and show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently she camps out in her studio as much as possible where she uses a lot of different kinds of glue, and other common things to produce uncommon results.  She means well, I swear.


Hye-Seung Jung

Hye-Seung Jung - Photo

Hye-Seung Jung is a visual artist based in Calgary, Canada. Through her work she attempts to understand multifaceted experience of dwelling in our built-environment and examine the interaction between place and inhabitant. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in recent exhibitions such as: All Along at Pith Gallery, Calgary; Bless Your Heart at Muii Gallery, New York; Tokyo Kitan at Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo; City of Strangers: Art festival TULCA, Ireland. She is also a recipient of a number of grants from Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts. Employing diversity of materials and methods, she continues to research and produce work on the notion of place, perception and culture.


J.D Mersault

J.D Mersault - Photo

J.D is a writer from Canada. He is still writing you a letter in his head, but knows that it will end up unsent.


Sarah Storteboom

Sarah Storteboom - Photo

Sarah Storteboom received her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2011. She has exhibited in group shows, including The Cheaper Show 2011, and participated in the St[art] residency at Calgary Alliance Arts Foundation in 2013. Sarah has worked with organizations such as ‘Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and Unit/Pitt Projects (formerly Helen Pitt ARC) in Vancouver. Sarah’s practice is interdisciplinary and experimental.  She is inspired by moments of sensational awareness amidst the everyday.

in the house of John Frosst

Amy Siegel

Camille Betts

Full Spectrum Arts Collective

Jessica McCarrel

Leslie Bell & the Pine Tarts

Robin Lambert

Stevyn Mars & Shelley Arnush

Studio Cartel

The Bum Family

in the house of Shawn Mankowske

Aaron Giovannone

Chris Dadge

Eddie Dalrymple

Eddie Nyikes

Local Artist Eddie Nyikes was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and graduated from the Alberta College Of Art and Design in 2004. Currently, working a job, making art, hair farming, and bicycle riding for exclusive team Chip and Chase. “Calgary’s underground arts/music scene is exploding… just to much damn talent to contain… hence the scale of this project”. I am truly honored and excited to be working alongside so many calgary artist and musicians in a great community of Kensington… which means so much to us all.\m/


Eric M Hamelin

Jack Bride

Jack Bride works within realms of thee numinous, esoteric, transcendental and ecstatic.  His visual languages to tell thee story and provide thee experience that bring audiences into states of disorientation, bewilderment and contemplation.  Mortality, optical “noise,” and tapping mysterious powers within are main themes in Jack’s work.

In a thelematic jubilation, Jack is using his Wreck City perch by thee wild hill to give in to temptation and break down/ break through all resistances.  By means of installation, yell-singing, and the conjuring of unseen forces, he will soak the ether of apartment 333 with considerable mojo, thus building a bridge between the mundane “here” and the sublime “there.”


BFA from Alberta College of Art & Design, 2004.

Self-Directed Residency, Banff Centre for the Arts, 2006.

Sled Island Music & Arts Festival, 2012.


Jim Laing

Joe Kelly

Jordan Pasiuk

Joshua Alan Fraser


Joshua Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Calgary. Fraser utilizes a broad array of methods towards his overarching goal: the facilitation of saturated emotional transference. This focus has emerged from an ever-increasing relationship with metaphysical and neo-pagan ideologies and practices. Fraser’s work comes together as a determined pursuit striving to encourage, reassure, and unite viewers by championing the resilience of the human spirit.

Kelly Jacqueline Smith

Kris Lindskoog

Larry McDowell

Megan Kirk (Jane Trash)

Melissa Croden

Natalie MacLean

Natalie MacLean is a 2d and 3d artist who focuses on ideas of obsession, repetition and visual noise. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in sculpture. She currently lives and works and watches too many cartoons in Toronto, ON.


Terrance J Houle


Tia Halliday

Tia Halliday is a Calgary based artist and educator. She teaches art at the Alberta College of Art and Design and the University of Calgary. Tia works primarily in painting and drawing. Her work deals with the figure as a way to play with ideas surrounding the self and representation but also as a tool to engage space and scale.

However her contribution to Wreck City does not involve the human form, but rather engages the idea of the wreck as a catalyst for abstraction: “I have always been interested in drawing spatially complicated compositions (such as the figure) therefore the idea of the demolition or construction site was an intriguing idea.” Tia’s work takes on the form of a large wall painting and small installation in Suite 4. The wall painting utilizes a sort of hyper sense of perspective through its representation of construction materials and debris. The painting, which is made of layers of acrylic paint and spray enamel, is painted onto the corner of two adjoining walls creating a play of spacial perception.

After moving from a shared studio to a private studio, Tia is very excited to for the opportunity to work within the collaborative environment of Wreck City.

Learn more about Tia Halliday’s work at her website:

Whitney Ota

Whitney Ota is a Calgary-based experimental musician performing under a number of monikers: Yankee Yankee, Burro, Dundas, Dada Centauri, Natural to name a few. He co-runs the Unit Structure Sound Recordings record label and distribution company, the latter of which imports highly limited editions of tapes and vinyl records from around the world. For his Wreck City contribution, he plans to explore destruction and creation through the use of endless drones, noise and improvisation.

He also creates visual art and graphic design and is primarily interested in collage and spatial installation works.

in the house of Ryan Scott

Alex Moon


Alex moon lives and works in Calgary, Alberta where he turns garbage into art, and sometimes just interesting objects to furnish his life. Alex trained as a printmaker at the Alberta College of Art + Design, but he has not limited himself to any specific medium during or since. He has shown regionally with the University of Lethbridge and nationally at Ok Quoi? In Sackville, Newbrunswick. He is a technician at the Alberta College of Art + Design and provides a wide range of technical support to his fellow artists.

Andrea Williamson


Christine Shenali Weera


Formally trained as a printmaker at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Shenali Weera’s most recent work has taken an unexpected turn into the lost art of portraiture painting.

Drawing inspiration from found images, you’ll find stylized depictions of everyone from civil rights hero Martin Luther King to CBC’s iconic anchor Peter Mansbridge to mustachioed mate Kyle May stacked side by side in her work.

To the artist, the images act as an illustrated stream of consciousness, at times devoid of context and stylized to her personal perceptions. The artifacts are a tender tribute to a mash of icons, objects, and close friends that she encounters. Paintings on hard board are carved into wood panel as a nod to her printmaking background.

Joleen Toner


About Me:

I’m very laid back, but also outgoing. I love eating food and drinking and cute animals like bunnies and hanging out with my friends.
Looking for:
New friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, casual encounters.

Palmer Olson


Hello Mr Scott,

I would like to submit a small proposal for the Wreck City Exhibition at the 809 house. I would like to install numerous pieces which would open up a dialog between viewer and artist, challenging the general notions of viewer as receiver and artist as maker. The pieces will be of general construction and will be brightly coloured.

Palmer Olson

Ryan Statz


A native of Montreal, Ryan Statz completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2000, and received his Master of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 2008.

Tomas Jonsson


For the official announcement of WRECK CITY Artists, see HERE.


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