DEMO TAPE: Call for Submissions!


Call for Submissions


DEADLINE: Sunday, May 3rd @ Midnight

This June, WRECK CITY returns with DEMO TAPE, a new site-specific project presented in conjunction with Sled Island Music & Arts Festival from June 19 – 28, 2015. Initially instigated to explore the intersections between music + art, both as literal and abstract entities, DEMO TAPE has evolved into a broader exploration of sound + image, action + object, invisible + visible, transient + solid, searching for the interspaces between mediums. As with previous WRECK CITY projects, DEMO TAPE focuses on works that invite viewers to participate in art as an immersive experience, engaging, provoking, humilifying and providing an escape to the sublime. Viewers and artists are equally empowered through reciprocity and re-imagination. Just as DEMO TAPE overlaps with Sled Island, artists are encouraged to think about the overlap between various disciplines, with an overall focus on ideas of change over time.

Located in Penguin Car Wash, an empty utilitarian space scheduled for imminent demolition in Calgary’s Ramsay neighbourhood, DEMO TAPE speaks to the ephemeral nature of civic space.


WRECK CITY collective is comprised of eight Artist-Curators: Matthew Mark Bourree, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Jennifer Crighton, Brandon Dalmer, Andrew Frosst, John Frosst, Natalie MacLean, and Shawn Mankowske. WRECK CITY believes in art’s radical potential to permeate familiar spaces, grow new communities, and continually create fresh understandings of our particular time and place.

Special thanks to Sled Island Music & Arts Festival for their support and enthusiasm, and Torode Realty for being DEMO TAPE’s official Venue Sponsor. Additional thanks to our funders, Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts, for supporting the project.


WRECK CITY seeks submissions from artists, performers, musicians, collaborative teams, and collectives of all disciplines interested in creating site-specific works at Penguin Car Wash. Successful participants will be interested in engaging the space and the audience, with a special emphasis on immersive work.  Because spaces are connected, participants are encouraged to approach the project with a general spirit of collaboration. Although not required, selected participants are asked to consider working with recycled materials whenever possible.

  • INSTALLATION DATES: May 16 – June 18, 2015
  • PUBLIC EXHIBITION DATES: June 19 – 28, 2015 (events will overlap with Sled Island Music & Arts Festival, running June 24 – 28)

Important Notes: The tiled floors in interior rooms cannot be cut into in any way as they contain asbestos. There will be access to electricity and water onsite, but the car washing infrastructure is no longer in place. Most materials depicted in the below video are usable. Indoor and outdoor ideas are welcome!

In general, please consider the health & safety of fellow participants and viewers when submitting ideas. If you visit Penguin Car Wash independently, please be respectful of the space.


For this project, WRECK CITY is experimenting with a new way of paying Professional Fees: tiered funding. Developed in response to the variable challenges of our project space, this approach is intended to open up the submissions process to more diverse mediums and creative practices. Prospective artists, collaborations, and collectives should select the tier best suited to their idea. Each participant/group will be individually responsible for allocating their own budgets to cover materials and fees.

$1000 Projects (12 available)

This funding level is intended for big works and iconic concepts. Successful ideas will be site-specific, directly responding to the particulars of the space and project themes, and have resonance throughout the public exhibition. Applicants should clearly describe their impact on the space, and state how they intend to make use of the funds or installation time period. Examples of projects that may be applicable for this funding tier include, but are not limited to, large-scale sculptures or installations, performances lasting the duration of the public event, and other time-intensive work. But we’re open to your suggestions! Tell us why $1000 would help you build your dream project.

$250 Projects (20 available)

This funding level is intended for more intimate artworks, installations, and performances, alongside temporary projects, finished works that are being re-installed, and durational works that occur one or more times during public events. This category includes works that are nomadic or ephemeral, and new work by musicians who wish to propose performances that incorporate additional artistic elements above and beyond their regular stage performance (such as costumes, projections, new soundscapes, or other elements). Let us know why your idea fits here!

Critical Writer-in-Residence – $400 Honourarium (1 position available)

WRECK CITY seeks Expressions of Interest from Alberta-based critical thinkers interested in joining us for the duration of this project as our Critical Writer-in-Residence. The selected writer will be granted complete autonomy to reflect on the project from arms-reach, while being permitted intimate access to the behind-the-scenes workings of WRECK CITY. This position pays an honourarium of $400, and is open to a flexible time-commitment, as decided by the writer.

For All Projects + Positions: Sled Island will be contributing additional perks, including Festival Tickets to specific shows, and access to the Artists Lounge.

*Please note: bands programmed by Sled Island to play standard sets will be paid regular Sled Island fees, awarded separately from this project.


submission requirements

Please submit the following information to by midnight on Sunday, May 3, 2015 in an e-mail titled Re: WRECK CITY Submission, (insert funding tier or position):

  • A Statement of Intent outlining your interest in the Project, your general intentions, and your preferred funding tier or position.
  • A short CV or Bio. We want to learn about the notable things you’ve done in the past or are working on right now.
  • Support Material including images, video, written materials, and/or recordings of your best previous work. Digital links will be accepted.

If you are submitting to the $1000 funding tier, please additionally submit:

  • A budget or budget statement, indicating why your work requires either more materials or more time than our other funding tier can offer. Please indicate whether or not your idea is scalable to the $250 funding level, if necessary.

E-mail applications to by midnight on May 3, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in WRECK CITY! We look forward to reading your submissions.



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