An Update from 805

Matthew Mark's House alternateNeighbourhood Project


Old Steamer Boat, a rope bridge over electric lava, attic light installations, video projections, caves and tunnels, puppets shows, free hot dogs (with a chef who’s losing his mind) lazy bathtubbers, confetti, space capsule, an endless front porch, crystals, snow and Yeti’s. This house is designed to be an all-encompassing stimulation of the senses, it won’t be a quiet walk through a gallery, 805 will have you climb, crawl, peep, and eat your way through its space.  Given full reign over a whole house, the artists have turned this project into a destination that is half reliant on audience interaction. The artists in 805 have been working to transform this everyday house into a space where the house itself has become the medium, the lines of where the art ends and the domesticity begins are almost none existent. The house has been used as a way to expand on ideas of site specific structure and installations responding to the house itself and to the space it provides. Taking art outside of the studio but also building a studio around the artists where the predetermined material choices constantly evolve from their everyday use. Passageways that alter with every passing hour, much of the adventure has been happening during the making. Bring your wit and your game.

Dr.Bob, YETI has traveled down to the Deep South of Calgary from his Northern home of Ubdare, Oobadoob. He has four doctorates in Yeti Biology (egg based), Yeti Economy (snow based), Yeti Philosophy (also snow based), & Yeti Physics (which is bubble-based), carrying the teachings of snow, and the Secret Origins of Oos Tanta aka Santa Claws!

Jeremy Pavka’s hot dog emporium.. wieners to come.









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